MRI Safety MRI Safety and Compatibility

Test equipment

Comprehensive MR safety testing of the future uses laboratory test equipment that splits the static magnetic and the electromagnetic fields of the MR system into separate test systems and simulators. MR:comp offers sophisticated test systems for the simulation of the switched gradient magnetic field (dB/dt) of MR systems on a controlled laboratory level. The systems will cover the requirements of the proposed ISO Technical Specification ISO/TS 10974 for the testing of MR safety (colloquially: MRI safety) of active implantable medical devices (AIMD).

In addition to the distribution of test equipment, MR:comp is providing a non-exclusive license of established test procedures for testing devices on a high quality level. The test procedures, which are controlled by our laboratory quality management (QM) system according to ISO 17025, are continuously updated. This guarantees your staying up to date in-house for R&D.

After your R&D process has finished, we offer a check of your pre-tested devices at MR:comp for independent product approval tests, while applying the same quality controlled test systems and procedures for leveling and accelerating your product approval worldwide.

For testing, we make use of MR magnetic field generators and simulators in our laboratory as well as clinical MR systems of almost all manufacturers.