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Medical Imaging

tl_files/mrc_downloads/Bilder von Pruefungen/MR_Head_Volume_with_Slice.jpg“Medical imaging is the technique and process of creating visual representations of the interior of a body for clinical analysis and medical intervention.” (Wikipedia) It combines image processing and visualization to give physicians the best possible view on a region of interest.

MR:comp’s software development team focusses primarily – but not exclusively – on image processing and visualization of MRI-data.

Image processing is often needed to enhance visualization of anatomical structures like bones or blood vessels. Furthermore it is used for detection of lesions or tumors. Our software development team is specialized on segmentation and visualization algorithms for the purpose of diagnostics and intervention planning. Especially real time 3-D visualization (volume rendering) requires optimized visualization techniques to reveal the region of interest in a high resolution.

tl_files/mrc_downloads/Bilder von Pruefungen/MR_Head_Volume_with_Slices_in_separate_Windows.jpgIn addition to the development of commercial software we have expanded our research activities in the field of medical imaging with different industry partners and research groups.

Partner: Prof. Heinrich Martin Overhoff, M.D., Dipl.-Ing., Gelsenkirchen, Germany