Successful re-accreditation with an extended scope for active implants (ISO/TS 10974)

Re-accreditation confirmed by German national accreditation body – MR:comp is awaiting the official extension of its scope of test services with ISO/TS-10974.

The re-accreditation process has been successfully completed. The scope of accredited test services has been extended with the new technical specification underway for active implants ISO/TS 10974. After continuous development in the last few years, MR:comp is very pleased with these results.

Even though the number of test sites for MR safety has grown, only few of them have been accredited. And yet, an accreditation represents safety for customers and patients alike: safety that is necessary to conform to the latest tests and standards of the market, as well as safety to protect MR users and patients in the best way possible.

The validity of an ISO 17025 certification for test laboratories is always limited, both in time and in scope; MR:comp’s periodical re-accreditation was due this summer. In the course of this process, not only test methods and particular standards for MR safety were examined, but also the overall quality management of the company. According to DAkkS, the German national accreditation body, all areas conform to the latest requirements of MR safety test services.

Apart from the heavily revised ASTM standard for torque, a first-time assessment was made on ISO/TS 10974 test services for active implants. The continuous, intensive and accurate development work of the last few years is now paying off: MR:comp has been informed, that the re-accreditation is completed.

MR:comp is very pleased with these results, in particular with the extension of the scope of accredited test services. For customers this means the offer of the best possible quality and safety.

More safety regarding product development, more safety regarding business planning and more safety regarding product launches – more MR safety in its entirety.

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