Numerical Simulation of Electromagnetic Fields, SAR & Temperature Distribution

Numerical Simulation finds “Worst-cases”

Multicomponent medical implants consist of several parts, each with specific parameters including material properties, geometry, and physical design. This results in a large number of possible combinations, each interacting differently with the MR environment present in the bore of an MRI coil.

Performing a full evaluation of the MR safety and image compatibility for every single combination among the product portfolio of a medical device manufacturer is far beyond most economical capabilities. Therefore, it becomes necessary to determine a so-called “worst case”.

Such "worst cases" define upper limits on the risk for implanted patients undergoing an MRI scan. Numerical simulation is a powerful tool that can be applied to effectively compare many configurations and predict which one will produce the highest temperature increase in a given in-vitro RF environment. Additionally, numerical simulation is the perfect tool to accurately determine the locations of temperature or E-field probes in experimental measurements. With the aid of these techniques, our customers also receive a "mapping" of the whole environment where the device under study is placed.

Knowing MR-relevant key parameters can help you expedite your product development process.